What's in the Stars today, September 27?

Have a good Sunday!!

What's in the Stars today, September 27?

Moon in Pisces

Feed your mind and your heart with healing thoughts and peaceful feelings

Today your senses become the windows of your soul to the sacred, the miracle, beauty and love. You find it easy to see and enjoy the magic hidden within a tree, a child, a touch, a look or the songs of birds. Surrender to their wondrous embrace and feel their message. Take the wealth of inspiration, peace and healing they send you and channel it into your life in a creative way.

Moon in Aries at 22:28

Bring some fire to your mood, interests and activities

Tonight you feel strong enough to leave mistakes, let downs, misfortune and problems behind and move on. You can feel that your mood is getting better and better, your confidence is heightened and you are brimming with energy. Take steps that will get you closer to your goal. Bring some action and passion to your night as the sexual heat is on, and let the fiery and passionate energy of the night sweep your whole mood.

You're lucky today if you are Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio of the third decan, and Aries, Sagittarius or Leo of the first days.

Astrology.gr wishes you a delightful Sunday with your heart at peace and feeling alive all the time.

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