What's in the Stars today, September 20?

The good use of a little knowledge outweighs by far volumes of untapped knowledge.

What's in the Stars today, September 20?

Moon in Sagittarius – Jupiter in Virgo

Don't act in the dark! Embrace knowledge, comprehend it and use it to move forward.

The day begins with you trying your best on the one hand to discover what gives hope for the future and opens the door to development and prosperity, and on the other to avoid contemplating the worst scenario. At the same time however the presence of Jupiter, ruler of today's Moon, in the earth sign of Virgo dictates that your actions are not based on too broad and vague positions but on solid arguments. The key here is knowledge. Seek it and make use of it! You will feel blissful and happy if you can stand in front of the ballot box or whatever it is you want to do, with a clear grasp of the bigger picture about the future and not a general idea of a vague nothingness.

Aspect of the Moon

Welcome an unplanned chance for knowledge, discussion, happiness and joy!

The day begins with the Moon sextile Mercury favouring movement and discussions, and creating the right conditions for laughter. Later, the Moon meets Venus and lust is heightened. There are opportunities for joy, fun and courtship while you're given the chance to appreciate the greatest reward of being alive. Would that be knowledge, communication, travelling, time with the kids, a big love? Whatever form it takes in your life, cherish it! At the same time, the trine of the Moon with Uranus presents opportunities for you to discover ways to feel more positive and optimistic, to reflect, to broaden your horizons and make this an unforgettable day doing something totally new. It also encourages you to be bold and courageous. After all, when you look back on your life later, you won't regret the things you did, but the things you didn't do.

You are lucky today if you are Sagittarius, Aries or Leo of the second and third decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a wonderful Sunday enjoying the life and every joy that unfolds ahead of you!

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