What's in the Stars today, September 6?

Life is beautiful. Each day, hours, minutes are not coming back. So live them the way they are meant to be - with love, not fear! Have a good Sunday!

What's in the Stars today, September 6?

Moon in Gemini

You are always free to take the good things wherever you find them.

Today you are a perpetual student at the University of Life looking for new causes so that you are not bored, but you can laugh, enjoy and develop. Everything you see, hear, ask, read or experience will provide your soul with the knowledge to discover new horizons towards your happiness. Interact with the world, give your time to friends and joy, communicate, learn from others, and then you will be able to give a big boost of happiness to your mood and day.

Moon in Cancer

Love leaves memories that no one can take away.

After half past eight in the evening, your soul looks back at the day, summer, and the past diving in the shallow or deep water of memories – sometimes full of joy and laughter sometimes full of sorrow and tears. Give yourself enough time and space to embrace these memories and their messages; to remember or to forget; to leave behind or to hold on to. And, of course, allow yourself to touch and be touched by love, to be kissed by desire because love is like a kiss – it's not the sound that matters but how long its echo resonates in your heart.

Venus in Leo direct

The vibrant and brilliant colour of strength and optimism!

Today Venus turns direct and the shadow of discontent, futility and disappointment that followed your finances and relationships, and issues that have to do with beauty and decoration – even if there was nothing wrong with them – disappears. This is the end to disorganisation! The end to stagnation! The end to second thoughts! You can now make your moves in these areas with resolution, and your mood in your relationships will be more positive, in your partnerships more creative and in your finances more optimistic.

Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

Seize the opportunities that your instinct tells you are worthy – the time has come for events that will completely transform your life!

You have now the potential to reshape the fate of your work related issues, your relationships, your finances, and every part of your life whose restructuring is crucial to you. Just make sure you are active and organised, determined and thorough, and the universe will clear the way for the shake-up and deep changes that will transform your life.
The transformative aspect of the Sun with Pluto influences you more if you are Virgo Taurus, Capricorn born at the beginning of the second decan. Also, if your Ascendant or personal planets are between 10º and 13º of the earth signs.

Astrology.gr wishes you an amazing Sunday with communication, emotion and joy.

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