What's in the Stars today, September 5?

Don't weigh things up, don't calculate, don't compromise. Follow your inner voice. Have a good weekend!

What's in the Stars today, September 5?

Moon in Gemini

Empty your mind from troubles and everything that burdens your soul, and drink in life!

Summer is all about good weather and since September remains warm, you've got at least one reason to give the day a chance to unfold its countless breezy, positive and very interesting gifts instead of getting all depressed because the holidays are over and work and commitments await you. Moments of joy, outings, courtship, learning and fun await you. Respond positively and you'll see that that was exactly what you were looking for to improve your mood.

Sun in Virgo in applying trine to Pluto in Capricorn

Nothing is impossible for those who are willing to make an effort!

These are days of powerful influences from the stars and the quote "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" reflects exactly the days' potential and massive possibilities. You will have the chance to re-shape your destiny with the help of a karmic coincidence or a turn of fortune. Show you're passionate about the things you want to sort out in your life and the universe will be on your side with events clearly orchestrated by fate to help you achieve your goal.
The favourable aspect of the Sun and Pluto will affect you more if you are Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn born at the beginning of the second decan. Also, if your Ascendant or personal planets are between 10º and 13º of earth signs.

Luck is particularly on your side if you are Gemini, Libra or Aquarius of the first decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a very beautiful weekend with temperate weather in your heart and your mood.

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