What's in the Stars today, September 4?

For a happy life, you should plan your days carefully and surrender your nights to love play.

What's in the Stars today, September 4?

Moon in Taurus – Moon opposite Saturn

Make targeted plans. Concentrate on preparations. Move forward with determination. Pursue with diligence!

Your energy levels could be low today or you may stress over all the things that need to be sorted out in September. Maybe also you feel that some issues should have settled down already, and you don't like certain delays. Whatever the reason for that, three things can help your mood improve: organisation, calm, beauty. Make a note of all the things you want to see through in the near future. Work on a plan to materialise projects and activities. Be systematic in whatever you do. Also, go for a walk in nature, put some flowers on your desk – they will improve both your mood and your performance. Play some music while you are at it and make sure you spend at least some moments on activities that relax and please you, and fill you with positivity.

Moon in Gemini

Surrender to the joy of life! Play, learn, laugh, flirt! And, it goes without saying, bring some madness to the moment!

In the afternoon, you become more sociable. You don't want to be alone or spend the day and the weekend home alone. Call a friend to have a chat, get in touch with people you find interesting, go for a walk. Make plans for a journey or trip! Besides, the weather is great and summer is extended. Keep inactivity and idleness out. Forget the couch and TV, and be active, work out, walk – it will do you good physically and mentally. Go out with your partner, a breath of fresh air always helps to stimulate the senses. If you are single, the mood for meeting new people and potential partners is high. Take advantage of it. If you show flexibility, wit and a good sense of humour, you'll be a winner, as it's difficult to appreciate someone who can't make you laugh.

You're lucky today if you are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn of the last days, or Gemini, Aquarius or Libra of the first decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a wonderful Friday doing things that invigorate you and offer you a fresh feeling of wellbeing and optimism!

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