What's in the Stars today, August 26?

Be the master of yourself – be aware of your actions – sanction morality – seek wisdom – be grateful for your blessings and wish happiness to everyone.

What's in the Stars today, August 26?

Moon in Capricorn

Sometimes, it's through difficulties that we realise what really matters to us!

With the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, there could be times today that things look gloomier than they really are, or you may get stressed or upset in no time. Irrational needs for conformity regarding your relationships, work, money and your life in general can undermine your happiness, and so you should avoid becoming a hostage to them. Think about the things you want in a realistic, not negative way. Respect what you've accomplished so far and acknowledge that even difficult moments can come with gifts. Set up boundaries for individuals with a negative attitude and allow logic and sobriety to guide you. Your inner wisdom is the key to happiness today. Let it be in charge and rest assure that you will be able to rise to even the most challenging of occasions.

Mercury in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio

Talk about and sort out issues that have been worrying you for a while!

These days communication is crucial for the development of pending issues regarding money or love or any part of your life. You are given the opportunity to make the right decisions and find the final solution to lingering problems. Have prudent and realistic discussions. Spend time organising, developing or working out cases that have to do with banks, the Inland Revenue or public services. Approach experienced and reliable individuals. Talk about issues you've been avoiding and take advantage of opportunities for more quality in your communication with your partner or someone else.
You are particularly favoured by the positive influence of the Mercury – Saturn aspect if you are Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn or Cancer of the third decan.

You are lucky today if you are Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus of the second and third decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a wonderful day full of beautiful precious gifts!

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