What's in the Stars today, August 17?

Enjoy the common everyday miracles that make up your life living for the moment. You will feel blessed and your soul will rejoice!

What's in the Stars today, August 17?

Have a good week.

Moon in Virgo

Follow the steps and do a perfect job!

The week begins with the Moon in the sign of Virgo awakening the desire for improvement and to do as good, useful or wonderful things as is possible. The desire to learn, observation and practice will be the three main keys to achieving the best or most proper course of action. Whether you're talking about your tan, summer love stories or anything for that matter, avoid things that you know are wrong and proceed with tried and tested methods. The results will be perfect.

Moon in Libra

Time to feel beauty and harmony!

Tonight, the Moon enters the sign of Libra indicating that on the one hand whatever you worked on or set into action earlier today will bring joy and happiness to your soul, and, on the other, that you will have the chance to close your day surrounded by things and people that make you feel good, beautiful and well-balanced. Be all for love, affection, kindness, communication and contact. Your evening will get beautiful and your heart will sense all the gifts the world has given you in order to live and bring happiness.

You are favoured today if you are Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus of the third decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a wonderful week finding satisfaction in every moment!

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