What's in the Stars today, August 16?

There are signs on your path and signs in your soul. The former guide where you're going; the latter remind you of where you're coming from.

What's in the Stars today, August 16?

Moon in Virgo

Nothing toxic comes out of true love!

This is an ideal day to feed yourself only with what's good for you – and that doesn't mean food only. It means getting rid of all things harmful and get closer to the things, situations and individuals that have a beneficial influence to your physical, mental and spiritual heath. Clear the inbox of your soul of spam mail that stresses you, don't be constantly wired on the Net, set a daily routine, organise your contacts with people, do some walking or work out, tidy up your personal space, and then your spirit will get some rest while the end result will be enormously satisfying.

Aspects of the Moon

A pessimist complains about the wind. An optimist waits for it to turn. A realist adjusts the sails!

Today's earth trine of the Moon with Pluto indicates that the secret combination for every part of your life will be realism. So, ground your acts on reality and don't expect problems to be solved as if by magic. Actively look for solutions and you will find them. At the same time, the Moon forms a conjunction with Mercury in obliging Virgo, and the true road to happiness is through giving and aiding others. Most importantly, however, it shows that in your contacts and your choices you should aim not just for something good but for something better sticking to the view that the smarter you are, the more choosy you become.

You are favoured today if you are Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn of the second decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a wonderful Sunday doing the things that can give you a happy, healthy and content life.

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