What's in the Stars today, August 12?

Shine brightly, see beauty, talk politely, love truly, give generously, bring joy, live gratefully.

What's in the Stars today, August 12?

Have a good day!

Moon in Cancer – Moon in Leo

Love, sea breeze, smiles and affection!

The day begins with sudden tantrums and irritations over trivialities such as, it's too hot, there is sand in the air, my hair is covered in salt, or over something important – a negative atmosphere at home or a sudden argument with someone you know. Luckily though the day also brings wisdom, contemplation and realism, which allows you to be in charge of things and situations but, most importantly, of your feelings so you can choose the mood for the rest of the day. When it comes to later that night, the passionate for love, joy, jubilation and celebration Moon in Leo reminds you what the summer is all about: enjoying the bright sky, the sea and the sun, open air cinemas, and, of course, spending time every day with people that mean a lot to you! This will earn you a deluge of 'likes'!

Mercury in Virgo in applying opposition to Neptune at 8º Pisces

If you focus on a different direction, your eyes will focus on a different direction!

Certain people may seem likeable but at the same time they are volatile and confused, and so you should be wary of their appeal and irresistible charm. Confusion in itineraries and movement, chaos with strange news and messages, possible wrong diagnoses, mistaken or insufficient information. Give your time to contemplation, mental pursuits and intellectual activities which help you relax, use your imagination to draw, write poetry or prose. Escape to carefree summer destinations and beautiful beaches.
You are particularly affected by the delusive aspect of Mercury and Neptune if you are Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini of the first decan. Also, if your Ascendant or Mercury are between 5º and 11º of mutable signs.

Sun in Leo is approaching a trine to Uranus at 20º Aries

Summer fireflies of happiness!

Just like the flower of summer, the sunflower, follows the sun all day and turns its head to the east again, so will you turn your attention and energy in a surprisingly positive way to all the things nature generously offers: light, beautiful evenings, desire for life, magical beaches, passionate bliss. Expand your social cycle, beckon to new interests and novel things. Do things that excite you, be positive towards changes that promise renewal and welcome positive surprises and sudden romance which will give a new dimension to your summer!
The favourable Sun – Uranus combination brings happy and exciting events, especially if you are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius born at the end of the second decan or the beginning of the third. Also, if your Ascendant or personal planets are between 17º and 23º of the fire signs.

Luck is particularly on your side if you are Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio of the third decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a beautiful day, special like a precious gem, which will contribute to a wonderful summer!

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