What's in the Stars today, August 3?

Light up a dream when you need it and let it burn inside you.

What's in the Stars today, August 3?

Moon in Pisces

For good things to happen, first we've got to be able to dream about them!

Your soul opens up to the unseen side of life, where contemplation meets the beauty of thoughts, emotions and dreaming, where inspiration is born and there is an ongoing conversation with art, the sacred, the spiritual, the immateriality of the soul. Set the engine of dreaming in motion and the more beautiful your dreams are the more powerful the small or big miracles you achieve will be.

Jupiter in Leo square Saturn at 28º Scorpio

You can walk the road to a better life even if it goes through the most difficult path!

Even though you seek progress, development, evolution and prosperity, circumstances build an atmosphere of deadlock and stagnation. Challenging financial circumstances, emotional difficulties and lingering burdens become hurdles which demand that you find the strength, the will and the determination to overcome them, even though you are weakened. Why? Because a strong will is not enough to make a 'good deal' with life. You've got to be used to hardship and difficulties. You've got to be able, like Hercules, to fight wild beasts, lions, Hydras and Stymphalian birds. Only then will you be able to overcome severe strains that lead to the prize of a better life. Therefore, difficulties and intolerable stagnation toughen and prepare you – victory will be won, not given away.

The Jupiter – Saturn aspect influences you more if you are Scorpio, Leo, Taurus or Aquarius of the third decan.

You're favoured today if you are Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer of the second and third decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a good week. Light up a dream when you need it and let it burn inside you.

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