What's in the Stars today, July 6?

In love, the heart doesn't need words to say what it has to say; the eyes can do all the talking

What's in the Stars today, July 6?

If you can remain calm during thunder, if you can maintain hope in stormy weather, you are a real human being!

Moon in Pisces

Live the day as it comes, with its ups and downs! The week begins with a strong desire for the day to run smoothly amidst a setting of confusion and uncertainty. But you don't need to act as if everything is alright if it isn't. The day, just like life, has sorrow, joy, tears and laughter and sometimes it will take you to the land of hope and anticipation and sometimes to the land of worry and disappointment. Just don't be consumed with worry – it never helped anyone. In love, the heart doesn't need words to say what it has to say; the eyes can do all the talking.

Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto at 14º Capricorn

These are days of powerful events! You may have to come face to face with a part of life you wanted to avoid or which is connected to a 'dark' past or obsession that recycles pain and does not help you progress. You could come across obstacles or tensions and conflicts in your attempt to make fundamental changes. These difficulties will only forge your personality, will make you stronger and more resilient and will enable you to set solid foundations for something important. Jealousy, loss, tension, violent or extreme stances are possible.
Get rid of whatever takes you back instead of forward, avoiding however extreme situations especially if you are Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra of the second decan. Also, if your Ascendant or any planets are between 11º and 17º of these signs.

You are lucky today if you are Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio of the first and second decan.

Astrology.gr wishes you a wonderful day and a week full of strength, joy and happiness!

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