What's in the Stars today, June 12?

We fall in love with some people not because they look beautiful but because they make us feel beautiful

What's in the Stars today, June 12?

Moon in Aries – Moon in Taurus

Use a lot of energy in the morning and dedicate the afternoon to whatever makes you feel calm and happy! The day begins with the Moon transiting busy and energetic Aries till the afternoon encouraging you to be more dynamic, bold and lively in your work and daily routine as well as in your relationships and flirting. At 17:16 the Moon enters Taurus, a sign that loves a slower pace and pleasure. You should make time for the things that make you feel good without stress and hastiness and organise a weekend where you have the chance to do things in a more calm and content way.

Neptune turns retrograde 12/6 – 18/11

Look again for more peace and calm! Neptune will be retrograde for about five months enabling you to review experiences and events linked to your mental and spiritual state. During this time it would be good to avoid contact with things and people that can hurt you, and use every opportunity to turn to whatever allows you to find strength in a positive way. This is the perfect time to spend some time on artistic pursuits and interests that help you relax and satisfy your soul.

Mercury direct

The system of communication is restored! Mercury, the planet that rules areas linked to the intellect and learning, travelling and itineraries as well as all kinds of contacts, turns direct today putting an end to problems that had arisen regarding procedures or means. Still, communication really doesn't smooth out until the 27/6 when Mercury returns to 13º where it started its retrograde course. Get ready for developments regarding young people, sport, exams or documents, and also to get a reply concerning pending issues.
are favoured today if you are Aries, Leo or Sagittarius of the third decan, and Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn of the first days.

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