What's in the Stars today, March 17?

Today, try not to be judgemental, pointing out the mistakes of others. Choose instead to notice and concentrate on the positive things in life and the virtues of people

What's in the Stars today, March 17?

Moon in Libra

The week begins with the Moon in the cardinal sign of Libra indicating that you feel a strong need for sociability, camaraderie and for those conditions that bring harmony to your daily life. Partnerships and agreements are the focal point of the day while at the same time you're in a mood for love and affection.

Moon square Jupiter

At about eleven in the morning the Moon meets Jupiter in a square, an aspect that is characterised by exaggeration and excessive confidence. You're in a positive and relaxed frame of mind while there's optimism in the air. Try not to overspend, overeat or go over the top in whatever you do.

Moon trine Venus

A bit later, at about quarter past eleven, the trine between the Moon and Venus brings a positive influence in your contacts with women, in matters of beauty, decoration, choice of colours, purchases, marriage and art. At the same time, it favours meetings over legal matters, negotiations, contracts and settlements. When it comes to romance, this is an excellent aspect any way you look at it.

Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, and Aries, Sagittarius, Leo born within the first decan are lucky.

Have a wonderful week and be open to enjoying love and life!

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