What's in the Stars today, January 4?

With the Sun-Mars square aspect, express your pent-up energy cautiously and without haste.

What's in the Stars today, January 4?

Moon in Aquarius

Everything can change! With the Moon in the sign of Aquarius there are no rules and predetermined outcomes as there's a strong tendency for sudden changes, twists and replacing the old with the new or modern.

The Moon's aspects

With the Moon sextile Uranus early in the morning you can see friends, meet new people and new possibilities or circumstances can be created. Around three in the afternoon you can do things really fast, get involved in original interests and participate in a group activity or get-together.

Sun square Mars

Too hot to handle! The aspect started yesterday and there is already tension in the air. A fight can break out in no time, an accident can happen or someone – most likely an authority figure – can get assaulted or attacked. Express your pent-up energy cautiously and without haste.

Mercury opposite Jupiter

I forgot the main thing! Around nine in the morning, the opposition Mercury – Jupiter culminates. There is a mood for discussions, meetings, travelling, and messages. The only drawback is the lack of thoroughness and focus on the important aspects of a situation. So, remember to look into the main points of an issue and make sure you don't overlook something essential.

Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini born at the end of the first decan, and Aries, Sagittarius and Leo born in the second decan are lucky today.

The key to having a good time today is to be open to both small and big changes, and surprises!

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