What's in the Stars today, November 23?

Venus sextile Saturn: Today you'll enjoy stable and reliable relationships - with moon in Leo it's also a good day to decorate your house for Christmas!

What's in the Stars today, November 23?

Moon in Leo

Festive atmosphere! With the Moon in radiant Leo you're in a good mood and you should do things that please you. You may attend a ceremony or an award event, spend time with people you love or enjoy love. It's a good day for buying material or decorating your house for Christmas.

Venus sextile Saturn

Mighty allies! Today you have the chance to enjoy or develop relationships characterised by stability or reliability. Love affairs with older people, business dealings, meetings with powerful people and the purchase of long lasting goods, clothes for cold weather or severe winter, are all favoured today.

Sun square Neptune

Appearances are deceptive! Under the influence of tomorrow's illusive aspect between the Sun and Neptune you need to be careful with business and love matters because you may make unrealistic choices and the outcome will fall short of your expectations. A good day for artistic performances.

Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, and Aquarius, Gemini, Libra of the first decan are lucky today. Go to a celebration, meet someone special, watch a show, have fun and enjoy your free time as best as you can.

Have a wonderful weekend, have fun with people you love.

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