What's in the Stars today, November 21?

Mercury sextile Pluto: There are now opportunities to regain your strength!

What's in the Stars today, November 21?

Moon in Cancer

Forgive but don't forget! The day finds you in emotional turmoil about something that happened yesterday or recently and you have complaints against someone or life in general. Bear in mind that someone may act like a baby or people may try to complain or manipulate you with their nagging or crying. The sign of Cancer is linked to the mother and women so it's very possible that you get in touch with more women than men or that you take care of something concerning women.

You may have to unplug a sink, deal with a leak, treat condensation, dry something up or squeeze some juice.

Mercury sextile Pluto

Rejuvenating thoughts and contacts! After a period of decadence there are opportunities to regain your strength. You may feel alive and active again after an erotic liaison, the settlement of a financial issue, a discussion about an emotional or psychological matter or even after a meaningful read.

Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio of the second decan are lucky today. Look for a recipe, do your housework, visit someone or go out in the evening.

You can have a wonderful day if you get in touch with warm and loving people.

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