What's in the Stars today, October 30?

The tomorrow's trine between Mars and Pluto brings the best results in actions of business and romantic nature

What's in the Stars today, October 30?

Moon in Virgo

I want everything in order! With the Moon in Virgo, the sign of organisation and tidiness, the day is ideal to re-arrange your wardrobe and cupboards, organise files, deal with pending issues and projects and recruit the services of people who work methodically.

Mercury retrograde

Reviews and re-negotiations! Mercury's retrograde motion, apart from problems in communication and transportation, can also have a positive influence. Its presence in Scorpio favours the study of a psychology book or a mystery, a visit to your banker or insurance broker, and sending a love message to an ex. In general, you can negotiate again financial and romantic issues.

Mars trine Pluto

Radical changes! Both Mars and Pluto are in earth signs and tomorrow's trine between them is an aspect that can change your life. It brings the best results in actions of a business nature as well as a romantic nature provided that they prove your wish for a radical change.

Favoured today are Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer of the second decan. It's a good day for actions that require high standards, punctuality and observation skills.

Have a wonderful day and remember that today your actions can bear fruit if they aim at something tangible and useful or at something that makes you feel creative and productive.

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