What's in the Stars today, October 3?

With the Moon in Virgo you want to do your best and you are after application, organization and exercise, in a dynamic, methodical and thorough manner

What's in the Stars today, October 3?

Moon in Virgo

I want it to be perfect! With the Moon transiting the sign of Virgo you want to do your best without mistakes or oversights. You are after application, organisation, exercise, detoxification, doing the laundry, dealing with your relationship, and all that in a dynamic, methodical and thorough manner.

The aspects of the Moon

Just before nine in the morning the favourable Moon – Jupiter sextile enables you to expand your knowledge on work matters, to enjoy practical things and to offer or receive assistance. An hour later the Moon forms a sextile with Venus and it's a great opportunity to deal with your love life, interior decoration, beautification and anything that gives you pleasure.

Sun opposite Uranus

Unmasking! Revelations in relationships and partnerships will lead to amendments while rivalry and antagonism will electrify the air. Eccentric choices, technological innovation and alternative solutions signify a strong tendency for experimentation and distancing yourself from anything out-dated or behind the times.

Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn born at the end of the second decan and in the third decan are lucky today and will have the opportunity to evolve through work.

Have a wonderful day and focus on the small pleasures of life without wasting your time on criticism and whining!

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