What's in the Stars today, June 22?

What's in the Stars today, June 22?

Moon in Sagittarius

Fun day! With the Moon in cheerful and joyful Sagittarius, your Saturday begins with good omens for pleasure, adventure and fun although a tendency for indulgence might make you overdo it. Travel and contacts with learning environments, information and sports are favoured.

What's for dinner? Sagittarius with Jupiter as a ruler loves big portions and is also linked to foreign countries. It's very possible that today's menu will be inspired by a foreign cuisine, maybe pasta, spring rolls, tortillas and nachos, or whatever you fancy. Sagittarius also loves the idea of being out in the world, so you may decide to forgo cooking and order a take away or eat out.

Jupiter in Gemini

There are only four days left for Jupiter to move sign and enter into Cancer, where it is exalted. Jupiter in Gemini is considered a weak position because although there is great enthusiasm about communication and the intellect, it is soon squandered in new or many things at the same time. The positive element here is renewal and this weekend is great for experiencing life through a broad range of ideas, people, vistas and interests.

Sagittarius, Leo, Aries of the second decan are favoured and you get the chance to enjoy a positive and fiery day.

Have a good time, go out, have fun, travel, do whatever makes you happy!

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