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Happy ??? New Year

2012 could be a Happy New Year IF 

Happy ???  New Year

by Capricorner

Integrity prevails all around, especially in POLITICS, Greek Politics in particular.


The NATIONAL Interest becomes the guiding light that everyone follows, with the Greek Political Parties integrating this to their thinking.


Greek Society becomes one unity, with the various interest groups relegating their own particular interest to secondary status, the National Interest - Unity becoming paramount.


Knowledgeable people run Greece, to modernize its state mechanisms, bring the National Political Mentality to a contemporary status and upgrade the quality of the Greek political thinking


The Public sector undergoes a thorough review and downsizing. Those who can contribute become a “New” public sector, the foundation of a “New Greece”, the rest retire or are assigned tasks of a social nature, after retraining for their new tasks.


Meritocracy becomes the norm everywhere, Universities, Public sector, Government.


The Nation demands responsible leadership. Populist talk is challenged with demand for facts and common sense.


The Nation understands that nobody owes it anything and after borrowing for the excess it has enjoyed it is only fair and sensible to pay back the loans, however unpleasant this is.


The Nation comprehends that if it defaults it commits suicide, because it produces little of what it consumes and will not be able to procure even materials for its factories. Nobody will take its drachmas, foreign currencies will not be available in abundance and no one will be willing to lend a cent to a nation that does not honor its obligations … a bad debtor.


A New Economic model prevails. Production of goods and services becomes export oriented to benefit from the huge EU market potential and the Eurozone.


Greek Youth is blessed with enlightened thought-leaders who can guide its thinking to “construct” and to compete fairly.


Greek Youth is taught the benefits of responsible thinking and does not stage “occupations” of every kind for trivia or politics, abetted by politically motivated parents and/or teachers; looks after the school premises, preventing their damage and destruction.


Greek Universities become hubs of culture, not politics and their teachers endeavor to create citizens with positive as well as learned thinking.


The country begins to acquire a new set of values of the kind that tends to disappear, like integrity and success through good honest work and begins to shed ideas like “quick profit” and “success by any means”.


The Greek political parties stop milking the state and become self sufficient in their funding (members and supporters contributions).


The Greek Orthodox Church comes closer to the people using its financial potency to alleviate some of the suffering of the economically underprivileged.


The Greek Government decides to deal with the problem of crime in the cities.


The Greek Government tackles the painfully high unemployment rate with programs of retraining and job creation, with the help of a new agreement with its lenders whereby austerity becomes secondary to development, something its short sighted lenders can understand, if properly explained.


The Greek Government displays determination to stop waste and gain funds for development by instituting a New “Office of the COMPTROLLER of the Government” as the main part of a New Ministry, the Ministry of the National Budget. The “comptroller” to “snoop around” the Government mechanism, questioning every expenditure, however small, to ascertain the necessity of the outlay and its effectiveness with “cost/effect” measures. The New Ministry of the Budget and indeed the “comptroller” office to be staffed with executives from the private sector, motivated by the desire to make a name for themselves and a very good bonus in the form of, say, a reward equal to 1% of the savings they bring about by altering the modus operandi of the state in ways that result to increased effectiveness as well as cost savings - - funds available to finance growth and through it the repayment of the National Debt. A Ministry of the Budget will know everything the Greek Government does not currently know, because it will keep the till and provide every cent upon request, as per the annual budget, no runaway expenditures, like a 2 Billion deficit.

Strikes are substantiated and explained to the people so that they do not become routine, but an act of protest after the breakdown of exhaustive discussions with the employers and of course strikers will not receive their wages from their employer (the public sector included) for the time they are on strike, which will greatly help in maintaining labor peace.

Marches that paralyze the center of Athens will not be a daily routine. A space will be designated where protesters will gather to “voice” their grievances to the media which will then present them to the Nation.


Road signs will be respected and not smeared by youngsters who think it is funny to have an accident caused by the lack of the warning a road sign can provide. Similarly Transport Ministry personnel will be responsible for the good maintenance of road signs and this includes care to ensure visibility (many are covered by leafy tree branches or other obstacles) and good condition, some are destroyed.


God enlightens the leaders of this world to assign top priority to peace and welfare.


The Politicians of the Eurozone stop sniffing the ground and look up and around to, thus, see what they should do for the preservation of the common currency and the benefit of the people.


Mrs. Merkel and company finally comprehend the workings of the markets and stay two steps ahead, instead of behind, the markets.


Mrs. Merkel and cohorts fully realize what are the correct priorities and, instead of creating resentment by imposing, they explain and extol the virtues of their ways, leading by friendly persuasion the naughty fellows of the South to adopt some of the prudent Germanic principles of fiscal management.


The Politicians of the Eurozone keep their cool and calmly (and deftly) steer the ship through the coming financial storm.


Sex Equality becomes the norm, even in places like Saoudi Arabia where women will be allowed to vote as of 2015 and they will be very happy if they are allowed to drive their cars alone, not to mention everything else women around the world take for granted.

Sex Equality will also make life better for women in Afghanistan where, recently, a woman was pardoned after being raped and incarcerated for sex out of wedlock !!


Religious leaders reflect on their sphere of responsibility and act like men of God, instead of condoning, or even enticing, v i o l e n c e against those they consider religious adversaries.


Religious adversities become unacceptable by all who believe in God.

No killings, in the name of God. No need to emulate Christian practices of past centuries.


Religious leaders understand that there can NOT be a different God for different people, that God is one and that he is the creator of mankind, no matter how different people refer to him with different names and worship him in differing fashions.


Religious leaders become only the truly enlightened people, who understand the nature of the divine … of God and are, thus, inspired by Love and Compassion, preaching these very qualities and speaking out against bigotry and religious intransigence.


IF in 2012 the above come to pass then the New Year portends happiness.






Το παρόν διαδικτυακό μέσο ουδεμία ευθύνη εκ του νόμου φέρει περί των επωνύμων ή ανωνύμων σχολίων που φιλοξενεί. Σε περίπτωση που θεωρείτε πως θίγεστε από κάποιο εξ αυτών, επικοινωνήστε μέσω της φόρμας επικοινωνίας έτσι ώστε να αφαιρεθεί.